Mark Reed, (R) Candidate for Congress, District 30, California

“Watching the hearing on Judge Bret Kavanaugh has become a low point in American history and even a lower point for the incumbent democrat Senators.

In the democrats desire to WIN at all cost they are victimizing all the survivors of sexual abuse. The democrats are putting their hands over the mouths of all these women.

Yes I believe Dr Ford suffered a traumatic sexual abuse at the hands of someone but not this nominee for our top court. I believe Dr Ford is now being victimized by these democrat senators and will be tossed out after they are done.

It’s your choice for true justice this November. The direction of our great nation is in your hands. Choose wisely because in twenty years we will all reap the rewards of our decision November 6th midterms.

God bless,

Mark Reed
Mark Reed For Congress