The HEART of Grandparenting – Interview Questions Dr. Ken Canfield

Grandkids Matter

  • What’s behind your reason for writing this book? What’s your “heart” for grandparents?
  • What can you tell me about the state of grandparenting in today’s world?
  • What kind of a role do you play in your grandkids’ lives? What are you hoping to accomplish with them?
  • Where did you come up with the five grandparenting keys that spell out HEART?
  • The “H” in HEART stands for Heritage. Why is that an important part of grandparenting?
  • How can grandparents pass on their heritage in a practical sense?
  • The next one: “E” is for Example. Where do we see the power of a grandparent’s example?
  • What kind of qualities should grandparents be modeling for their grandkids?
  • The next one is interesting: “A” is for Angelic Influence. Where did that description come from?
  • And what are some ways that you see grandparents being like “angels” for their grandchildren?
  • The next one is a bit different: “R” for Reconciliation. How big of an issue is that for today’s grandparents?
  • What are some key ideas that will help grandparents in this area?
  • The last letter: “T” is for Teaching. What is it about grandparents that make them goodteachers for their grandkids?
  • What can they – or should they – be teaching their grandchildren?
  • What’s your bigger vision for grandparenting? What difference can positive grandparents make for families and communities?