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Carbon tax: The push is on… and its coming from Republicans

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July 22, 2018|GLOBAL WARMING, CLIMATE CHANGE, RENEWABLE ENERGY, CARBON TAX Author Gregory Wrightstone On Friday (7/20/18), a Congressional Resolution introduced by House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and West Virginia Rep. David McKinley condemning a carbon tax passed, mainly on a party line vote of 229 – 180. This Resolution was nearly identical to two previous [...]

Gregory Wrightstone and recent IRS settlement of $3.5 million

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Author Gregory Wrightstone: "I have attached the letter that the PA Coalition for Responsible Government got from the IRS in the targeting scandal. I was Founder and President, & since we pre-dated the Tea Party, we ended up being #8 on their hit-list. Note that by the time we received the letter, we only had [...]

Are There Benefits to Climate Change?

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August 2018 Ken Milam, Explorer Correspondent Author and Climate Contrarian Gregory Wrightstone News reports and editorials about human- caused climate change are a daily feature of modern life, as politicians, environmental activists and industry leaders grapple over how to mitigate or avert the expected global catastrophe to ensue. Gregory R. Wrightstone takes a [...]

I Love Carbon Dioxide and You Should Too by Gregory Wrightstone

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 By Gregory Wrightstone | Posted: May 16, 2018 12:01 AM The demonization of the “miracle molecule,” carbon dioxide, continued last week with the announcement that its concentration had reached 410 parts per million (ppm). Nearly all reporting of this noted that this was the highest level in 800,000 years and predicted a host [...]

How green is my planet? By Gregory Wrightstone

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The revelation this week that CO2 had just reached 410 ppm is just the most recent negative climate "tipping point" being reached.  This news was accompanied by the usual links to future apocalyptic warming events and predictions of the Earth spiraling into planetary doom.  According to the self-proclaimed guardians of the Earth, we need to enact strict [...]