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AS THE TAX TURNS – By Lt. Gov Jennifer Carroll

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As the tax plan turns, sounds like a soap opera.  It’s crazy to see these grown adults we elected to represent the people do all but.  The U.S. tax codes have not been transformed in any meaningful way to benefit the hard working middle class since the late 80’s.  In recent times we’ve seen the American [...]

President’s consolatory comments to La David’s wife Myeshia were either taken out of context & misunderstood, says LT Gov. Jennifer Carroll

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The President "Fallen Soldier Sgt. La David T. Johnson is kin to my husband. Our family is deeply saddened by La David’s untimely death.  La David was extremely proud of his service to this country as his family was proud of him.  To hear that the President’s consolatory comments to La David’s wife Myeshia were [...]

September 22: Jennifer Carroll – “Giving block grants to states to fund Medicaid is not fixing or changing Obama Care. 

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Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll says: "The recent health care proposal by Senator Graham will keep the integrity of Obama Care intack. It enshrines the principles of the AHCA.  Giving block grants to states to fund Medicaid is not fixing or changing Obama Care.     Medicaid was not set up and intended to be a health care plan for [...]

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll statement on DACA

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Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll statement on DACA: "President Donald Trump has turned the tables on the establishment GOP who's worked with the Democrats to block his agenda. Mitch McConnell once said that the president doesn't understand how Washington works. I believe the president just showed Mitch McConnell  that he does understand how Washington works. And if the Republicans will [...]

#TaxReform: Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll says “President Donald Trump is giving Republicans a gift”

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Thank you for considering interviews with Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll in response to Pres. Trump's comments on Tax Reform. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at or 662-259-0988.  Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll "President Donald Trump is giving Republicans a gift of an opportunity to finally reform the 30 plus year old tax code. [...]

Who’s Really Driving The Healthcare Policy?

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Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll is a Trinidadian-born American politician who was the 18th Lieutenant Governor of the U.S. state of Florida. The first black American and the first woman elected to the position, she assumed the office on January 4, 2011. We’ve had four elections with the GOP promise to “repeal” and then [...]

Loose Lips Sink Ships

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Loose Lips Sink Ships The 2016 election brought about a public civic education which is lacking in primary education in America. The average person was hearing first hand terms like classified markings, security clearance such as: top secret and special access programs, and how these terms were directly related to national security. Since the election, [...]