The Fall of Kirkuk: Made in Iran

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by Jonathan Spyer The American Interest October 18, 2017 Iraqi forces took Kirkuk city from the Kurds this week with hardly a shot fired. Twenty-two Kurdish fighters were killed in the sporadic and disorganized resistance, while seven Iraqi soldiers also lost their lives. It is a remarkable setback for the Kurds, who just a few [...]

The Kurdish House of Cards is Falling by LTC Sargis Sangari

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Available for Interviews: LTC Sargis Sangari The KRG parliament was scheduled to convene today but multiple problems within its procedural structures forced a change in plans. Kurdish MPs and leaders are now so divided that they want to delay the KRG elections in order to re-establish themselves as a viable entity within the Iraqi governmental [...]

Blanquita Cullum Interview of Gregg Roman

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The Hard Question Host Blanquita Cullum Interview with Gregg Roman Highlights: Interview Topics: Iraqi forces taking Kirkuk from Kurdish control. U.S. homegrown terrorism verses European transitory migration terrorism. U.S. radicalization more likely caused by video verses migration. Turkey - not open/not safe. Erdogan consolidated power and became a tyrant. *** Gregg's interview starts at 9.00 [...]

Interview of LTC Sargis Sangari on Bill Martinez Live

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On 16 OCT 17 LTC Sangari was interviewed about the Kirkuk fight and the current disposition and future of the KRG and Iraq, how ISIS attacks into Assyria Nineveh Plain  and Kirkuk helped the KRG to expand its footprint and influence in Iraq, and how Barzani ended the KRG through the Kurdish referendum process.   [...]