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al-Tamimi: Iraqi Kurdistan’s Crisis: A Failure of Strategy

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by Aymenn Jawad al-Tamimi Middle East Forum (MEForum) Research & Writing The American Spectator October 22, 2017 As the war against the Islamic State as an entity controlling territory comes to a close in Iraq, control over territories disputed between the Iraqi central government and the Iraqi Kurdistan regional government (KRG) has come to the [...]

“A Palestinian unity government is a ‘non-starter’ with Israel and US,” says Gregg Roman

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Guest Available - Gregg Roman, Director of Middle East Forum See interview with i24News Tracy Alexander below. Palestinian unity talks hit stumbling block of Hamas' military wing i24NEWS | Perspectives with Tracy AlexanderSchedule Interviews with Gregg Roman here  

Interview of Gregg Roman on U.S. Strategy in Syria

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On June 19, Middle East Forum director Gregg Roman was invited to appear on I24News to discuss the downing of a Syrian aircraft by the U.S.-led coalition near Raqqa. Transcript Gregg, what do you think those next steps should be, especially in light of the fact that there is progress being made to take Raqqa, [...]