Amy, Joe, and the Co-founder of NARAL Pro-Choice America

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“Follow the science."  | By Terry Beatley, President, Hosea Initiative | A Dr. Bernard Nathanson Project   The abortion ruling should be re-examined, this time using science. When the Supreme Court announced in January 1973 that abortion was now the law of the land, the overwhelming consideration for their decision was the woman’s privacy rights between her and [...]

Silencing Science the Facebook Way

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[Note: Reading this report from courageous scientist and public educator Gregory Wrightstone will show you two examples of the opposition we at the Cornwall Alliance face, pretty much every day, often from powerful foes. Please pray for us and consider an extra gift right now to help us overcome these hurdles. Below you’ll see how [...]

Sun Likely Formed In Outer Shell Of Dying Massive Star, Say Astronomers

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As seen in Forbes Science I cover over-the-horizon technology, aerospace and astronomy. Aug 29, 2018, 08:00 pm Written by Bruce Dorminey Long before you were just a twinkle in your Daddy’s eye, dust, gas and high-velocity stellar winds combined to spark the collapse of what would become our Sun’s pre-solar nebula. Just how that happened remains [...]

Are There Benefits to Climate Change?

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August 2018 Ken Milam, Explorer Correspondent Author and Climate Contrarian Gregory Wrightstone News reports and editorials about human- caused climate change are a daily feature of modern life, as politicians, environmental activists and industry leaders grapple over how to mitigate or avert the expected global catastrophe to ensue. Gregory R. Wrightstone takes a [...]