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The Great Exchange: Bound by Blood

 Understanding the ancient ritual of making a blood covenant

Stanford, Kentucky |Christian News Service| August 18, 2015 — A recent Pew Research Center survey indicates a disturbing decrease in Christianity in America, with 8% fewer adults claiming to be Christians from 2007 to 2014. The greatest decline is in the younger generations. Thirty-four percent of 18-to-26-year-olds are now unaffiliated, compared to 25% in 2007. Researchers believe that the decline in Christian America will not only continue, but will escalate. If America is to remain a Christian nation, it is time for the church to take action. The need is urgent. It is time to strengthen believers to stand against culture’s pressure.

The Great Exchange: Bound by Blood will help those who read it develop a more intimate faith based on a living relationship with Jesus Christ. The Great Exchange unlocks the mystery of the The Great Exchangeancient covenant ritual and its centrality to the Bible, revealing God’s commitment to love and care for His children. Knowing the ritual enhances understanding of the Word, of who God is, and of the relationship He desires with us.

The Great Exchange describes and strengthens the readers’ relationship with God through Jesus. 

  • It unlocks the Word, clarifying the meaning of mysterious passages, making the Bible alive and exciting to the reader.
  • It ties the Old Testament/covenant and New Testament/covenant together.
  • It quickens fellowship with God by showing His love, commitment, and faithfulness to His children.
  • It deepens faith by illustrating His covenant faithfulness in the lives of those who are true to the covenant-our heroes of faith: Abraham, Moses, David, and more. 
The Great Exchange is written for church members who desire to grow in faith. It includes:
  • An explanation of the seven exchanges of the ancient blood covenant ritual and the significance of each,
  • A study of the seven exchanges of covenant as revealed in the Bible through accounts of the making of the Old Covenant with Abraham, its renewal with Abraham’s descendents, and with the nation of Israel,
  • Lessons on men in the Bible, illustrating how their level of faithfulness to covenant affected their walk with the Lord and how it impacted their lives,
  • An account of the cutting of the New Covenant with Jesus Christ, how it differs from the Old, and what it means for Christians today, and
  • Study questions for each chapter further aid learning, discussion, and application.

ISBN: 978-1-942587-05-7, Carpenter’s Son Publishing 

Date of Publication: June 1, 2015

Price: $15.99

Pages: 224

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Source: Robert or Kay Camenisch