The President’s Words Now Being Politicized is Deeply Troubling.

The President’s Words Now Being Politicized is Deeply Troubling.

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Fallen Soldier Sgt. La David T. Johnson is kin to my husband. Our family is deeply saddened by La David’s untimely death.  La David was extremely proud of his service to this country as his family was proud of him.  To hear that the President’s consolatory comments to La David’s wife Myeshia were either taken out of context, misunderstood  and now being politicized is deeply troubling. At this time our nation should be focusing on helping the family heal and to do our best to honor those who’s given the ultimate sacrifice. Both my husband and I served over 20 years in the United States military. When we signed our military enlistment contract, the fine line stated that we swore that we were willing to give our life to defend this country. I don’t know any congress person or civilian employee who makes this kind of unwavering commitment to their job. Our military men and women should be revered, honored, and treated with dignity and respect both alive and dead and none should be politicized for advancing any political party’s agenda. As we lay La David to rest on Saturday, I hope all elected will pause the rhetoric.

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