Tina Marie Griffin:

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The very teens and adults I am trying to help, are now sending death threats. This guy is a gamer, has never met me, but has left me several violent death related voicemails and now this.

Tina Marie Griffin recieves death threats from gamer on Facebook

Tina Marie Griffin recieves death threats from gamer on Facebook

I’ve received death threats several times throughout the last 17 years of speaking. It’s definitely getting worse! I don’t get these often but this is very concerning… this is the state of the culture we are living in today!

A police report was filed and of course I reported it to Facebook not expecting much help if anything from them.

I have two choices…

1. Become a benchwarmer Christian, which is not an option.

2. Get other adults who are concerned about the state of our country to come alongside me.

If you’re interested in becoming part of the counter culture army and can help with FUNDING please text PARTNER to 444999. I need funding to hire the key people needed on my team.

PRAY! Pray that peoples eyes are opened and hearts are changed. Pray that hollywood realizes the horrible impact they are having on kids and our country. Pray for the safety of myself and my family!

People might not agree with my views, but shame on those that support violence against others!

That’s all I did for two decades is bust my rear end to help kids realize Satan’s Tactics and to RUN from EVIL! I need people to come alongside me in this battle! 👊