USA Radio Networks Announces Launch of America Continues with Jim Sharpe

Latest in Growing Number of Syndicated Programing

RALEIGH, NC., Jan. 7, 2015 | | — USA Radio Networks announces its latest addition to a rapidly growing syndicated programming lineup. Scheduled to begin on February 2, 2015AMERICA CONTINUES with Jim Sharpe will air from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern Time on the XDS Pro4.


Airing in the late afternoon/early evening position, AMERICA CONTINUES will advance the significant news stories of the day with a different insight: the kindJim Sharpe of insight that only comes when America has had a chance to digest the events of the day and put them into true perspective.

Jim Sharpe, a veteran broadcaster with a diverse professional background, will host the show.

In addition to winning awards for his work as a war correspondent, Sharpe hosted major-market morning shows in Los Angeles and Dallas – as well as two different number-one rated shows in Phoenix. He served as a political consultant who helped get friends and clients elected to Congress. And he spent time as a public relations executive – where he learned the tricks of the trade used to “spin the news.”


All these experiences helped shape Sharpe’s unique approach to talk radio – an approach, which has now landed him behind a national podium with USA Radio Networks.

“The name of the program serves two purposes,” says Sharpe. “We will continue to update America’s truly important stories even as people put their workday behind them. And, we will continue to work on this grand experiment called America. Too many people have given up on the ‘American Dream,’ but AMERICA CONTINUES will acknowledge and honor that America is still the planet’s best hope.”

While many radio hosts are content to complain about America, Sharpe believes he owes it to the next generation to find solutions – wherever they may come from – and continue to push for the values that are rooted in the nation’s founding principles.

“Sure, our country needs work – but it’s still the greatest country in the history of the world,” said Tim Maranville, Chief Content Officer at Cross Platform Media Group, parent company to USA Radio Networks. “But, at the end of the day, America continues. And, with Jim Sharpe, America will continue on USA Radio Networks.”


As host of AMERICA CONTINUES, Sharpe will tell the nation’s stories from the myriad of perspectives that shape our cultural narrative.

An award-winning journalist, Sharpe brings life experiences to AMERICA CONTINUES that include surviving a roadside bombing in Iraq, riding out Hurricane Andrew in Miami and enduring L.A.’s Northridge Earthquake while on the air. 

Sam Hassell, CEO of Cross Platform Media Group, adds “I’m thrilled to add AMERICA CONTINUES with Jim Sharpe to our ever expanding complement of dynamic shows as we continue to reflect the conversation in America.”

Other syndicated content available on USA Radio Networks include THE STEVE DEACE SHOW, DAYBREAK USA with host Angie Austin, and USA Radio News at the top of every broadcast hour every day of the year.


To carry America Continues, contact USA Radio Networks Affiliate Relations department at 844-500-0812 or


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