But – what if – the Exodus Tabernacle story is so mysterious because Bible translations and the things that we’ve learned about this amazing wilderness tent were completely distorted?  What if generations of scholars and theologians have been depicting the wrong image of God’s house for centuries?   How would such a discovery shape your religious convictions?

Project 314 was created as a multimedia outreach – with the mission of restoring this original image of God’s house to all sojourning nations embracing the faith of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob.

 Open the Door…

Did you know there is a key required to unlock ancient Exodus Tabernacle Secrets? Try as you may, but you won’t find this key in Sunday school, synagogue, or even seminary, even though it is “hidden in plain sight”!  Ironically, this “key” has been preserved through ancient cultures, despite popular media obfuscation. Forget about passwords; click here to unlock the Tabernacle’s secrets and embark on your journey to discovery


The Discovery: Uncovering Tabernacle Secrets

Author Andrew Hoy

Author Andrew Hoy

Hello, my name is Andrew Hoy; I am the founder of Project Betzalel.  I’d like to share my recent discovery pertaining to the Exodus Tabernacle.  I believe and hope my discovery will not only transform the worlds of religion, prophecy, and science, but your life as well!

Back in high school, I discovered that I had a reasonable aptitude for math and geometry.  So, like my father, I went on to school for mechanical engineering.  After graduating, I worked as an engineer, until I was laid off a few years ago.  But instead of pursuing another job in my profession, I decided that I would go to Israel to study Hebrew – such that I might come to understand the Bible in its original language.  Many people, including my father – the engineering professor – wondered exactly what I might do with such eccentric and seemingly incongruent skill sets.  To be honest, as time progressed, I began to wonder the very same thing.  But that would all soon change.

Despite with my newfound pursuit and passion for Hebrew, I couldn’t completely stop thinking apart from my engineering training.  I retained an interest in “geeky” things, and continued to see the world through the eyes of an engineer.  Given my mixed background, I found myself intrigued by the account of the Egyptian Exodus, and I became fixated upon the instructions that Moses received on Mount Sinai – particularly those given to build a Tabernacle for Israel.

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Reconsidering Moses’ Exodus Tabernacle

As I began to survey the traditional models of the Exodus tabernacle, some things just didn’t add up. For example, I wondered why the Tabernacle models (like the full size model built in Timna, Israel, as shown below1) would feature a roof with almost no pitch for watershed.

When I saw that the total start-to-end length of the sheet assembly was 314 cubits, I knew I had discovered something magnificent. Arranged somewhat like a snow fence around the tabernacle, the outer courtyard was specified to be nothing less than a perfect circle! This number – a product of PI, i.e., π x 100 – I came to recognize as the “Rosetta Stone”(3) for Moses’ Tabernacle plans. It was this discovery that led me to question every other popular interpretation and scholarly assumption about the rest of the rectangular Exodus Tabernacle – including all of its other pieces. After all, it is hardly good engineering practice to try to force a proverbial “square peg” into a “round hole” – yet that is exactly what theologians do when they give preference to their preconceived notions while translating the Hebrew. Therefore, without discovery of the 314 key, not a single English Bible translation in print makes any sense, and the reader is consequentally forced to defer to the Hebrew for accurate descriptions, answers, and explanations.


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