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Jack Yoest on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrsoEvangelist Alveda King: Oh, OmarosaWhat Happens When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary?! Right Before Our Eyes…Revisiting Prophecy after the Hot Meeting at The White HouseProtect Beautiful Children from Racism and Planned Parenthood’s Unholy Connections‘Greatest Human Rights Issue’ Means the World Has Four Slaves for Every PrisonerSave the Storks Announces Launch of 43rd Stork Bus in Partnership with Elizabeth’s Hope Pregnancy Resources in OhioCarol M. Swain, Ph.D. Launches New Podcast “Common Sense Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain”Evangelist Alveda King: Tide Turns in Crosshairs of Kavanaugh, Media and Roe V Wade MovieConstitionalist Attorney Dayne Phillips on The Hard Question re: Supreme Court SelectionNorth Carolina State Lawmakers Urge Release of Pastor Andrew BrunsonEvangelist Alveda King: Let Freedom Ring for EveryoneThe Hard Question host Blanquita Cullum interviews Mona K OShana regarding immigration & moreBill Martinez interviews Mona K Oshana – Topic ‘Immigration’Todd A Mcnutt: “The criminals are having NO problem reading the chips off of your credit/debit cards, ID cards and implanted RFID cards”Sheriff Richard Mack: “Perhaps before we try to “tar and feather” President Trump, we should clean our own backyards and protect our own citizens from injustice and cruelty.”Evangelist Alveda King: As attacks mount POTUS Trump still delivers: pray for unityFire Your Congressman – a Discussion with Norbert Richter – Episode 340 on Blunt Force TruthTar Heel Representatives Unanimously Approve Resolution Urging Turkey to Release NC PastorEvangelist Alveda King: Important Juneteenth Message -Stop Selective Outrage!


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Jack Yoest on Revenue Chat with Tony DUrso
Listen on your Smart Device tonydurso.com/mobile or iTunes. Jack Yoest is the author of “The Memo: How the Classified Military Document that Helped ...
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Alveda King
I’ve been praying hard about the Omarosa situation. I and a colleague had an opportunity to sit down with her ...
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/ Guest Statements, HaYovel, Israel, Israel
HaYovel - Israel Video Network
This video has 105 votes in the Israel Video Contest. Click here to cast your vote! After spending ten days ...
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Photo courtesy of Evangelist Alveda King Permission granted.
Talk about a long hot summer… Since my recent visit to the White House on August 1, 2018, the heat ...
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/ Press Releases
Alveda Kiing
Currently a photograph of a lovely Nigerian little girl is going viral. She’s likely as beautiful as the Queen of ...
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GFA World
 GFA (Gospel for Asia) calls attention to human trafficking in major new report, as it continues to care for some ...
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Pregnant You've Got Options
Another Pregnancy Resource Center Partners with Innovative Pro-Life Non-Profit Organization to Provide a “Stork Bus” Mobile Medical Unit Offering an ...
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/ Press Releases
Carol M. Swain, Ph.D. Launches New Podcast "Common Sense Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain"
Nashville, TN (July 16, 2018) – Carol M. Swain, Ph.D. has launched a new podcast "Common Sense Conversations with Dr. Carol Swain." Each episode will ...
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Evangelist Alveda King: Tide Turns in Crosshairs of Kavanaugh, Media and Roe V Wade Movie
Kudos to Jason L. Riley, a member of the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, for his tide turning ...
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Dayne Phillips
The Hard Question host Blanquita Cullum interviews Dayne Phillips, attorney for Price Benowitz LLP in DC regarding Supreme Court selection ...
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Christian Action League
RALEIGH | July 3, 2018 | TruthPR.com | – It happened without much attention, but signatories are hoping its effect ...
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Alveda King blog - July 4th 2018
While Independence Day, July 4th, is usually celebrated with bar-b-que cookouts, family gatherings, those kinds of things, there is much beyond ...
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Blanquita Cullum
Mona K OShana is interviewed by The Hard Question, Blanquita Cullum Date: June 29, 2018 Topic: Immigration Click here to ...
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Bill Martinez
Mona K OShana on Bill Martinez LIVE - June 28, 2018 Hear for yourself why Bill Martinez Live is becoming ...
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antenna's tracking you
"The criminals are having NO problem reading the chips off of your credit/debit cards, ID cards and implanted RFID cards! ...
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Alveda King - Blog Images June 28 2018
Congresswoman Maxine Waters has encouraged people to go out and harass, resist and push back against the Trump administration in ...
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Blunt Force Truth
Norbert Richter is the founder of Fire Your Congressman. The group focuses on removing ineffective and crooked politicians. Norbert explains ...
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/ Op-Ed, Politics
Turkish Flag
By L.A. Williams Christian Action League June 15, 2018 It isn’t every day that the North Carolina House records a ...
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Alveda King - Life Beyond These Walls
Immigrant Children versus American Children It seems as if overnight the world has been consumed with a new movement calling ...
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In a business world that moves at the speed of light, you need partners who can move and find answers at the same speed with effective competence. Jackie Jones and TruthPR has consistently performed for us. In producing a three hour nationally syndicated talk show, research, guest placement, interviews, etc. is extensive and demanding. It requires partnerships that are responsive and understand the demands of the process. TruthPR understands this and i can with confidence recommend their services to you.

Bill Martinez

Host Bill Martinez

Company : The Bill Martinez Show
Designation : Nationally Syndicated - Over 300 Markets

The Hard Question Radio Show on WCGO in Chicago is heavy on content, research; and guests are high-level decision makers. It is about what is happening now and why it is important to the country and audience. We reached out to Jackie Jones and TruthPR for guests that meet the criteria. Thank you Jackie, the TruthPR speakers you provide are excellent, well informed and compelling--they never disappoint.

Blanquita Cullum

Blanquita Cullum, Host THQ

Company : Show:The Hard Question with BQ
Designation : WCGO 1590

I consider Jackie Jones and TruthPR a high quality partner bringing outstanding guests with professional communication to my show. As an afternoon drive host in a large market I appreciate every edge.  Jackie is always reliable, always great to work with and often able to work miracles to get the right guest on. Thank you for all you do!

Michelle Mendoza

LIVE FROM SEATTLE with Michelle Mendoza

Designation : Show Host

I’ve been in talk radio for 20 years. Jackie Jones is in the top tier of publicists I have worked with – helpful, responsive, flexible, and consistently delivering the highest quality of guests. She understands the job of a producer and will help you when you need it most. Call TruthPR if you want results.

USA Radio

Beowulf Rochlen

Company : The Savage Nation 2002-2012; USA Radio Networks
Designation : Executive Producer

Jackie is one of my go-to marketers with years of media experience! She successfully books interviews and is consistently reliable. Most noticeably is that she truly cares about our messaging and the opportunity to impact a challenged culture. Working with Jackie is like having an additional staff person without excessive overhead.

Alveda King

Dr. Alveda King

Company : Civil Rights for the Unknown; Priests for Life
Designation : Director, Evangelists, Author

Not only does Jackie and TruthPR bring us a great array of vetted and well-known guests, she also makes the best of website technology and automation. This greatly cuts down on the time required to book a guest, and improves my efficiency. Hopefully, she is starting an industry-wide trend in the programming / guest paradigm.

Wake UP with Steve Curtis

“Wake Up” & “Mid-Day Matters” with Steve Curtis

Company : 'Wake Up' & 'Mid Day Matters
Designation : Producer - Steve Ebling