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JP DeGance discusses data-informed strategies for Marriage with Podcaster Matt Lewis
JP DeGance on Using Data to Save Marriages March 29, 2019 by Matt Lewis JP DeGance, president and CEO of ...
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Alveda King Blog -04-17-2019
Who: Evangelist Alveda King, Civil Rights for The Unborn Catherine Davis, The Restoration Project Day Gardner, National Black Prolife Union ...
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Forbes Logo
A shoebox-sized NASA-funded cubesat should create the most detailed, high-resolution map of lunar water ice ever attempted. Now scheduled for ...
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Guest Rabbi Jason Sobel Show: Iris After Hours Date: July 2018 Topic: Rabbi Jason Sobel talks about his story from ...
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Evangelist Alveda King: Cory Booker Is A Day Late and a Dollar Short: Redeeming MLK’s Check Must Include Reparations, Jubilee, and Redemption.
“...America has given the Negro people a bad check, a check which has come back marked "insufficient funds... we refuse ...
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Audio Interview
Former cop turned author talks about his new book. Interview of 30 Year Veteran Santa Barbara CA Cop talks about ...
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Audio Interview
Host Blanquita Cullum (BQ) on The Hard Question. Guest Sheriff Richard Mack - Starts at Minute 26.20 Date: April 9, ...
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Amazing Grace Poster
Posted by Rusty Wright on Tuesday, April 9, 2019 By Rusty Wright After the Queen of Soul’s 2018 death, her ...
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South China Post Magazine
As seen in South China Morning Post | April 5, 2019 The University of Hong Kong’s Laboratory for Space Research ...
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Newsmax logo
By Alveda King Monday, 01 April 2019 11:46 AM | Bio | Archive Read Newsmax: Angela and Alveda King Fight for ...
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Speaker image
Assyrian/American born in Iraq, escaped along with her parents and 7 siblings during the totalitarian regime of Saddam Hussein (Mona ...
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Activists Angela Stanton-King and Alveda King
March For Life in Richmond Virginia. Look at the crowd. I hate to say it but there were hardly any ...
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Leadership Summit - Atlanta GA
Evangelist Alveda King and author/activist Angela Stanton-King continue to join forces to unite America for advancing criminal justice reform and ...
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Community Activist Angela Stanton King Brings Opportunity Zones Leadership SUMMIT to Atlanta
In an effort to “Revitalize Urban Communities” social justice activist Angela Stanton King will join diverse community leaders and Government ...
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Sargis Sangari
Guest Avail LTC Sargis Sangari We are what we consume.  Anyone who consumes extremist materials which are the embers of ...
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Bill Martinez

In a business world that moves at the speed of light, you need partners who can move and find answers at the same speed with effective competence. Jackie Jones and TruthPR has consistently performed for us. In producing a three hour nationally syndicated talk show, research, guest placement, interviews, etc. is extensive and demanding. It requires partnerships that are responsive and understand the demands of the process. TruthPR understands this and i can with confidence recommend their services to you.

Host Bill Martinez

Company : The Bill Martinez Show
Designation : Nationally Syndicated - Over 300 Markets
Blanquita Cullum

The Hard Question Radio Show on WCGO in Chicago is heavy on content, research; and guests are high-level decision makers. It is about what is happening now and why it is important to the country and audience. We reached out to Jackie Jones and TruthPR for guests that meet the criteria. Thank you Jackie, the TruthPR speakers you provide are excellent, well informed and compelling--they never disappoint.

Blanquita Cullum, Host THQ

Company : Show:The Hard Question with BQ
Designation : WCGO 1590
USA Radio

I’ve been in talk radio for 20 years. Jackie Jones is in the top tier of publicists I have worked with – helpful, responsive, flexible, and consistently delivering the highest quality of guests. She understands the job of a producer and will help you when you need it most. Call TruthPR if you want results.

Beowulf Rochlen

Company : The Savage Nation 2002-2012; USA Radio Networks
Designation : Executive Producer
Alveda King

Jackie is one of my go-to marketers with years of media experience! She successfully books interviews and is consistently reliable. Most noticeably is that she truly cares about our messaging and the opportunity to impact a challenged culture. Working with Jackie is like having an additional staff person without excessive overhead.

Dr. Alveda King

Company : Civil Rights for the Unknown; Priests for Life
Designation : Director, Evangelists, Author