June 1, 2022

Evangelist Alveda King: GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE

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Evangelist Alveda King: GOD SHED HIS GRACE ON THEE

We must address sin in America.. otherwise the wrath of God will continue

Alveda King

“We must address sin in America.. otherwise the wrath of God will continue.. policies can’t address His wrath, only repentance and obedience can. Praying for a revival…”

~ Honorable Jack Brewer | America First Policy Institute

My friends, I don’t know about you, but it seems like every day I am being inundated with prayer requests. Meanwhile, I find myself in great need of prayer every day as well. Sometimes, I just open my Bible and read, and sigh. Other days, I read my Bible, get up and get moving, working to bless others, even as I find myself in need of a blessing.

My colleague Jack Brewer is definitely telling the truth. Our problems in America, personally, in our communities, and around the world, are all related to a common denominator; sin. Fatherless homes and abortion are at the top of the list. Yet all is not lost. Thank God for Jesus.

“God’s law was given so that all people could see how sinful they were. But as people sinned more and more, God’s wonderful grace became more abundant.”
~ Romans 5:20 NLT

Many of the prayer requests I am receiving are for people who are sick in their bodies, ill and feeling bad. Others are sick in their minds and in their souls. Marriages are falling apart, children and parents are fighting and disputing, and then there’s what’s happening on the national and global scene.

My mother just returned from Israel. While she was visiting, there was a fatal shooting of a reporter who was actually attached to mother’s traveling group. Needless to say, mother spoke and prayed for peace while she was in Israel.

“Pray for peace in Jerusalem. May all who love this city prosper.”

~ Psalms 122:6 NLT

Here on the home-front, hundreds of babies are still being aborted; children are still being abused. Then, we have the tragedies of Buffalo, Texas, and so many other violent shootings and atrocities. Meanwhile, my friend John Voight has posted a couple of videos on Facebook about not attaching the problems of America and around the world simply to gun violence.

People harm people with weapons. Sometimes those weapons are guns, knives, bombs, poison, scalpels, forceps, fists and all sorts of murder weapons. Which measure of violence and murder control should we pursue? People also wound people with their tongues; harmful violent words also kill the human spirit. Why just single out guns which are one weapon of choice?

Recently my goddaughter Angela Stanton King released an open letter to the Republican Party. As I read Angela’s letter demanding justice for the Black community, as an aging black woman in America I can certainly sympathize. I’ve been a victim of skin color racism and loss of family to gun violence all my life. I get it.

What is weird is that while other ethnic communities ask for help to live, the Black ethnic community is offered aid to die; by abortion, transgender surgery for minors, and other crippling initiatives.

The ASK for the Black community? For a start…..
Why not give us a Platinum Plan?
Why not give the Black community an American Rescue Fund allotment such as the $49.5 billion awarded to the Asian Community? (However, please remove funding for abortion disguised as women’s reproductive freedom, and other population control secret funding. Give us liberty to live, learn and grow; not death.)
Why not support conservative Black political candidates?

We are in an incremental process with these individual anti-hate crime bills. Each ethnic group is making demands for their ethnic community. Heretofore, when all of the “anti-hate crime bills” were passed, every group except the Black communities received help to live; not die.

I’m almost breathless to see President Biden’s press secretary singing freedom spirituals with the Asian community while still offering Black Americans death affirming “relief” such as abortion, free Covid shots, and transgender surgeries to our children and racist/Marxist CRT agendas.

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Because of this, my heart breaks for everyone with loss of loved ones; regardless of the reason. While I celebrate justice for every ethnic group, I just pray that we stop splintering and dividing. I pray that Jesus, our Divine Mender and Fixer heals us all. Give us Lord a day of an “anti-hate human hate crime bill”.

Please give us life too, America.

Now, on another frequency, I know that all of the demands for justice from every community, while some that have been asked for have been rewarded and some have not; in the final analysis all of these demands for justice for the divided communities must come together, as the One blood/One human race. Not colorblind; eyes wide open, seeing and regarding diversity.

We’re Not Colorblind | Alveda King

You know me, I see the glass half full and I see the silver lining in the stormy clouds. The glass is already full of air and at the halfway mark when there is something else other than air in the glass, we need to pray about filling that glass up with faith, hope and love. And when the glass becomes empty again, let God just fill it again and again. My cup overflows always with the love of God.

You may have wondered why I have waited so long to release a new commentary on the violence that is constantly occurring in America. Honestly my friends, I had to step back for a moment and just breathe. People all around me are fighting, destroying each other with their mouths, and with other physical, emotional or spiritual weapons. While my heart aches, I thank God my heart is never shattered because my Redeemer lives. So, we must continue to move forward with faith, hope and love. We must vote for leaders who fear God rather than man; or who will never compromise for power and money. We can never give up because Jesus never gives up on us.

Independence Day is just around the corner. Father’s Day and Juneteenth are on the same day this month. I’m longing for racial harmony in Christ; no division by skin color; united as one human race. As to liberty and independence? America can never be free until all human life is recognized as sacred unto God; and sanctity of life is regarded; from womb to tomb.

Also, though my earthly father figures are in Heaven now, I’m praying that God restores human fathers and heals our families, our wombs, and our lands.

I agree with Jack. America has a sin problem; yet this is a problem that can be solved. America must return to God.

America Return To God (2017) – Autographed | Alveda King

As we continue to pray and enact strategies of policy with faith, hope and love, let’s remember as individuals to remain humble and repentant, forgiving and loving each other and addressing and approaching all of our problems with kindness and sanity.

“America, America, GOD shed His Grace on thee. And crown thy good with [humanhood], from sea to shining sea.”

~ America the Beautiful

I won’t stay away so long next time. I’m back now. Pray for me and I’ll pray for you.

~ Love Alveda

P.S. Dr. Alveda King and the Honorable Ginger Howard request your prayers as they receive the conferring of their Doctorate Degrees from Aidan University at the Logos Network 2022 Graduation and Conference. June 24-25, 2022


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