March 9, 2022

Every Black Life Matters and CURE America Action

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Every Black Life Matters and CURE America Action

Working Together to Jointly Deconstruct CRT and BLM.

Kevin McGary

In the battle to get the truth out about the history and agenda of CRT and BLM two organizations have agreed to collaborate on messaging to more effectively convey that America’s foundational tenets are being undermined by Critical Race Theory.

Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) founders Kevin McGary and Neil Mammen are speaking nationally in media, churches and community centers across America ripping the cover off CRT and BLM’s hidden Marxist agenda.

“Due to the overwhelming evidence that free-markets/capitalism helps end poverty, while Marxism (and associated forms like Socialism and Communism) actually encourage poverty, we are proudly anti-Marxist in our goals. EBLM is sincere in our desire to help and promote Black life. Therefore, we view the government’s role as being limited to helping permanently secure Inalienable God given rights, not to provide goods and services.”

Pastor Marc T. Little, Esq. is the Executive Director of Cure America Action, Inc. and an ardent opponent of CRT. Pastor Little speaks nationally and in our Nation’s Capitol on the importance of stirring up new leaders who champion America’s Judeo-Christian ethic.

“CURE America Action is educating, identifying, and activating black leaders all across the nation. We are raising up a generation of people who will lead, like Moses.

Historically, the black community is a socially and fiscally conservative community, generally speaking. However, many fail to connect their values with their vote.”

We do the work, on the ground, face-to-face, opening the hearts and minds of those willing to listen; we can change our communities by leading.” 

These two courageous organizations will collaborate in selected cities and venues across America to inform communities of the catastrophic impact CRT and BLM will have in their churches, schools, workplace, and town hall.

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