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Dr. Jerry Willbur

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Dr Jerry Willbur

Dr. Jerry Willbur

Author | Political Analyst | ‘Culture’ Doctor | International Business Consultant | International Mentoring Association

Willbur has a long career as a ‘culture doctor,’ Human Resources executive, entrepreneur, and award-winning researcher in the field of mentoring.

  • Jerry Willbur has consulted nationally and internationally with large multi-billion-dollar organizations and worked for twenty years as a senior officer for two Multi-billion organizations.
  • Founded and led several successful start-ups in the healthcare and high-tech fields.
  • With a BA and MA in psychology and a doctorate in human resource development, he is the author of two leadership books published by Corby Books of Notre Dame.
  • Award-winning researcher in the field of mentoring.
  • Developed several high-performance cultures and is often referred to as the culture doctor.
  • Currently serves on the board of several foundations and is a board member emeritus for the International Mentoring Association.
  • Served on mentoring advisory board for British Petroleum and the Imperial College of London, developing young engineers and scientists.
  • His special love is creating mentoring programs that help children succeed.
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About Jerry Wilbur

Dr. Willbur has a long career as a “culture doctor” and senior executive with two large international corporations, a successful entrepreneur, and an award-winning researcher in the field of mentoring. He has worked with national and international organizations, led several successful startups, and led mentoring organizations. With degrees in psychology, and a doctorate in human resource development, he is the author of several books on leadership and culture change.






Rise of the True Blue Rebellion: WHAT IF POLITICIANS COULDN’T LIE?


From the author of the eerily prophetic book The True Blue Revolution comes Rise Of The True Blue Rebellion. An exciting and equally prophetic book that Explores a United States Where Psychopaths Are in Charge and Lying Rules the Day. What if politicians couldn’t lie? Would that solve our problems?

As unbelievable as it might seem, this satirical novel is a sequel to a book that was first written in 2013 well before the remarkable 2016 election and the 2020 disastrous aftermath. What was first described by reviewers as highly imaginative and somewhat overwrought now appears eerily prophetic. The first book The True Blue Revolution described a country where every level of government and economic activity, including sports and entertainment, are rigged and controlled by an underground and hidden coven of evil co-conspirators. A digitalized, fake candidate could run and win a rigged election. This scenario starts to unravel when one unsuspecting man is randomly chosen to be the next President. However, he emerges as a surprisingly strong person of character, an accidental hero, who cares deeply about his family and country, and proceeds to rebel against the hidden powers, and lead a True Blue Revolution against the psychopathic controllers who are only concerned about power, dominance and control. He becomes the unwilling leader of the true blue revolution attempting to win back the constitutional republic that was lost.

Rise of the True Blue Rebellion continues this saga of a few brave people struggling to protect their faith, families, and freedom against seemingly invincible odds and demonic forces. The world as we now know it has come to an end. Psychopaths and strange unidentified visitors are sweeping over the land. An evil malaise has crept up and captured much of the population—but a few brave souls are aware, and care, and are fighting back. Our unlikely hero arises again and many brave people follow. They are aware and they care, and they will not allow the brains and hearts of their fellow citizens to be brain jacked. Instead, they will draw upon some new breakthroughs in neuroscience, savantism, and biology to take back and build a better world.

This is a continuation of a book first written in 2013 and then revised in 2015 before the 2016 elections, before the red MAGA hats and “I’m with her” slogans were contrived. If you like satire mixed with a bit of science fiction, and dream of a positive world that could be, then this book and its predecessor are definitely worth a read. They will challenge your perspective of what is and what could be if we each stand up and fight for what is right.

Using the newest research in neuroscience, especially the intriguing concept of savantism, the author explores the role of psychopathy, positive psychology, and artificial intelligence (AI) in the challenging situation we now all face. What will become of our world and us as individuals? Can we build a new and better world and culture that builds on the importance of the individual, openness, creativity, and freedom, or fall into an Orwellian abyss of control and slavery? It is up to us!


  1. What is the connection between UAPs (formerly known as UFOs) and psychopaths?
  2. What exactly are psychopaths and how have they infested our country?
  3. What is the role of artificial (AI) or machine intelligence and will it be our servant or slave master?
  4. What is savantism and can it really be a key to an exciting future?
  5. Can we build a new culture based on our constitution and traditions that encourages openness, creativity, and freedom?
  6. If UAPs (UFOs) are real, and actually are products of NHIs (Non-human Intelligences), what are the implications for our current human experience?
  1. What if politicians couldn’t lie?

Let us work together to awaken the American minds and hearts!

From the author:
“I need to remind people that, at their core, both books were always intended to be satire. They provide a look at both what the American Dream has become, and what it could be, if we redefine ourselves and our attitudes about political power. So much of what started as works of fiction quickly crossed over into the real world, events outpacing my so-called wild imagination, that I have been tempted to make revisions to the original manuscripts over the years but didn’t need to. This is not how I want the world to be, but unless we step up and are aware and care it could happen to all of us.”

Both books are hard-hitting looks at what happens when those devoid of conscience or compassion take control, and what we can do as an antidote to fix the mess. My hope is that readers will turn to the last page with a different view of the world as it is now, and with some hope that we can make things better.

With both volumes demand increasing due to several radio and TV appearances by the author, interested people are encouraged to secure their copies without delay.

Both books are available today directly from the author’s website at: jerrywillbur.com
Also available at:
US- http://amzn.to/2EBa6Up

For any media inquiries please contact:
Jackie Jones
Tel: (316)-644-9538

Kirkus review of True Blue Revolution:

“In this novel, Willbur inventively creates an entire alternate political universe—one that is as fantastical as it is humorous.”
Author’s comment: “Not so fantastical or funny now!”




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