Pastor Stephen Broden

Pastor Stephen Broden

Expert Topics:

  • Political Correctness
  • Cultural Marxism
  • The Church
  • A deliberate strategy to radically change America
  • Organizing for power
  • Manipulating the poor
  • Moral decline
  • Cultural Hedonism
  • Community disorganization
  • Impact of Socialism

Pastor Stephen Broden

Executive Director Content of Character Series

  • Co-Founder of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition
  • President and Founder of Protect Life and Marriage Texas
  • Spokesperson for the black pro-life movement in Dallas and a contributor to
  • Founder of Ebony Berean, an organization whose mission includes informing African-American Pastors of the “Culture War.”
  • Senior Pastor, Fair Park Bible Fellowship Church
  • President of the Fair Park Friendship Center, provides assistance to the community’s “inner-city” families.
  • Co-host of Life and Liberty for KSKY, 660 AM
  • Broadcaster of One-Minute “thought of the day”
  • Businessman, Business Owner
  • Political Commentator, News Broadcaster
  • Former Adjunct Professor, Dallas Baptist University
  • Pro-life Activist
  • Former Republican Candidate, Texas 20th Congressional District
  • Awarded “Champion of the Republican Party” by the NRCC Business Advisory Council Texas
  • Received the Ronald Reagan Gold Medal Award
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Pastor Stephen Broden is the Senior Pastor of Fair Park Bible Fellowship in Texas. He’s also a political commentator, founder of Protect Life and Marriage Texas, member of the National Black Prolife Coalition, and former professor. He is the chairman of the Gone 2 Far Movement, and is also featured in the 2020 documentary, Uncle Tom: An Oral history of The American Black Conservative.

Writing about Black Lives Matter (four years ago!) for the black pro-life movement blog in 2016, Stephen Broden warned:

“What we are witnessing in the BLM movement in simple terms is the deliberate efforts by the liberal progressive’s in America under the influence of Marxist to infiltrate and manipulate the black community. What’s behind their dastardly plan is to replace capitalism with socialism and to ultimately remove the influence of our Judeo-Christian heritage from the public square. These “aggressive community organizers” are fanning the flames of discontentment. By co-opting a legitimate issue related to stranded relationship between the community, local police and police intimidation they are using discontentment to advance their agenda. They are stirring passions into “a climate of militancy” and at the same time alienating race relationship in America.”



The Content of Character Series

The Content of Character Series™ brings timely educational summits to communities. Well-known speakers work together with local leaders to inform, educate, and activate through a biblical worldview. We identify common ground that rests on the principles of the Judeo-Christian ethic, recognizing our God-given freedoms and networking with all cultural groups as the beneficiaries of His liberty.

The Challenges of Black American Culture

Series Topics:

  • The Culture
  • Targeting the Poor

Black Americans are being Manipulated and Exploited.

Abolitionist Teaching Network follows CRT dogma”Abolitionist Teaching Network, like most Marxist, is seeking to divide and splinter our nation for the purpose of creating chaos in order to replace our founding principles with a socialist paradigm. These efforts to use race as a battering ram against the system are but a tactic of the left to destroy us from within. Black Americans are being manipulated and exploited to accomplish their goal to destroy America!” — Pastor Stephen Broden

Latest Book:

Pawns of Change

Author, Pastor Stephen Broden

Pawns of Change by Pastor Stephen Broden

Author Pastor Stephen Broden:

Pawns of Change

Pawns of Change describes my attempt to probe the progressive movement, which currently is synonymous with the Democratic Party. A pawn is a powerful chess piece when used appropriately.  The Progressive movement in America has used the black community as a pawn on the chess board of politics to advance its own agenda and “fundamentally change” America. This is a deliberate and malicious exploitation of the community.

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All throughout history, in times of dire moral crisis, God has raised up prophetic voices with a clear message to save humanity from destruction. When people listen, they survive. When they do not, masses of people die. Stephen Broden is gifted with that voice and the message in Pawns of Change. Dr. Johnny McC. Hunter, D.D.All throughout history, in times of dire moral crisis, God has raised up prophetic voices with a clear message to save humanity from destruction. When people listen, they survive. When they do not, masses of people die. Stephen Broden is gifted with that voice and the message in Pawns of Change. – Dr. Johnny McHunter, D.D.

In Pawn of Change, Pastor Stephen Broden issues a clarion call with a voice of authority; repent and turn to God that our nation can live. – Evangelist Alveda C. King

Stephen Broden ‘s Pawns of Change is a must read for those who long to hear from a voice of reason, clarity and pro-found insight into the pathos of the Black Community. Once this book is read one will come away with an understanding of what we must do in such a time as this. – Dr. Levon R. Yuille, D.D.


Empirical documentation by both the Democrats and Republicans shows the black community votes overwhelmingly for Democrat candidates. Black loyalty to the Democratic party has been unwavering for more than 50 years. However, this dedication has produced marginal results in the unemployment rate among black men and teenagers, economic development and job creation, education of our children; the high dropout rate among black students is abysmal. Urban communities across America lie in shambles, and our families are falling apart. In other words, we have gotten nothing back for our loyal backing of progressives and their ideology.

Saul Alinsky is best known as a community organizer. He outlined 12 rules in his 1971 book, Rules for Radicals. Through the implementation of his methodology, progressives have created a reliable voting block to approve of their party platform in every election cycle.

Alinsky showed how to use the poor and oppressed as a battering ram to bring down the system. The mobilization of blacks has been most useful when issues of race, racism and expansion of government are mixed into public discourse. Concepts of “race” and “racism” are explosive. Right or wrong, they open old wounds for black people. The charge of racism acts as a filter. It removes facts and reality from any and all conversations about politics or what is best for the black public. Until our neighborhoods move beyond this hypersensitivity, progressives will continue to exploit race issues to manipulate black citizens for their own political purposes.

Most black Americans believe the Republican Party is a racist organization indifferent to the issues facing our community. For the most part, that belief is the result of a narrative framed and messaged into the community by progressives. The agenda of the left to fundamentally transform America is only possible when the poor are voting for their candidates. With the overwhelming support of the black public, progressives have re-defined marriage in our nation, removed prayer from the public square, and legalized abortion—which has resulted in the murder of over 60 million babies in America. More recently, legislation mandating gender-neutral showers and bathrooms are being instituted in our schools and public places. All these changes are the result of progressive ideology.

Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” I desire to raise an awareness of the true agendas of the political entities seeking our allegiance. I trust this book will be the starting point for a new understanding concerning the challenges facing our community and to stimulate open dialogue to evaluate whether we need to change our political direction.

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