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Crafting a US Response to Turkish Intransigence

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by Gregg Roman The Hill March 7, 2018 Originally published under the title, "Navigating the U.S. Collision Course with Turkey." Erdoğan has been repositioning Turkey as an adversary of the United States for years.   In a rare public policy speech in mid-December, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster singled out Turkey as one of [...]

Russian Attack on US Troops in Syria Elicits Deafening Silence from Politicians and Press

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by Michael J. Totten World Affairs February 22, 2018 To schedule interviews, contact or 662-259-0988 Originally published under the title "The Russian Attack Against America You Didn't Hear About." Request Interviews here Russia committed an act of war against the United States a little more than a week ago. You probably didn't [...]

MEF Welcomes Trump’s Potential UNRWA Reforms

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PHILADELPHIA – January 31, 2018 – - The Middle East Forum welcomes reports that the Trump administration might "refuse to accept UNRWA's special status for 'Palestine refugees,'" and suspend all U.S. government funding of the group. The Forum has long sought the end of U.S. recognition of fake Palestinian refugees who never lived in what [...]

Trump restores realism with his national security strategy by E.J. Kimball

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by E.J. Kimball The Washington Examiner December 21, 2017 President Trump threatened yesterday to cut off aid to any country that votes today against the U.S. decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The vote takes place today at the emergency special session being convened at the United Nations General Assembly, called for by Turkey [...]

Reform UNRWA For A Better Palestinian Future by Gregg Roman

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As seen in The Times of Israel, December 15 2017, by Gregg Roman Every year, the United Nations votes to approve the continued operations of its projects and committees. This year is no different. Recently, a major U.N. committee passed nine resolutions that prolong a serious ongoing conflict, perpetuate hatred and cause needless violence and [...]

Analysis of President Trump’s first year in office by Gregg Roman

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Analysis of President Trump's first year in office. Interview Avail: Gregg Roman Good Morning, How will Pres. Trumps' national security strategy (being rolled out this week) be implemented next year? Middle East Expert Gregg Roman is available to analyze this and more on your show. Gregg's expertise comes from: Currently serves as Director of the Middle [...]

Gregg Roman Interview: Middle East Forum Launches Project to Tackle Islamist Financing

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Interview of Gregg Roman, Director of Middle East Forum, by One America News Network (OANN) Liz Wheeler. Topic: Major American foundations have given millions of dollars to Islamist organizations "American organizations with clear ties to Islamic terrorism" "Terrorist organizations gain legitimacy by receiving financing from these organizations" "The most egregious mainstream organization is the Silicon [...]

Israeli, American Lawmakers to Push ‘Victory over Palestinians’ Paradigm in US Events

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The Jerusalem Post November 9, 2017   A right-wing project working to shift the paradigm to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by declaring Israeli victory will make a new push next week to garner public support in the US. Israeli MK Oded Forer (left) with Middle East Forum President Daniel Pipes at the July [...]

Middle East Forum Launches Project to Tackle Islamist Financing

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Philadelphia – November 8, 2017 | | – The Middle East Forum (MEF) has launched the Campaign on Islamist Financing (CIF), a research body and resource for foundations, politicians, journalists, and private companies that accept donations from, offer grants or services to, or wish to investigate charities and lobby groups suspected of Islamist ties. [...]

Interview: Gregg Roman on Washington Watch – FRC Radio

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Eben Fowler, Gen. Jerry Boykin, Gregg Roman, Travis Weber By Tony Perkins October 20, 2017 On Friday's edition of "Washington Watch with Tony Perkins" Director of Broadcast Operations for Bott Radio Network, Eben Fowler, guest hosts for Tony. FRC's Executive Vice President and founding member of the Army's Delta Force, Lt. General (ret.) Jerry Boykin, joins [...]