April 28, 2022

The New Model of Power Relations and the European Crisis


The New Model of Power Relations and the European Crisis

Under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plan, America would have to cede Asia to China and, by default, the CCP’s communist shackles.

Lt Col Sargis Sangari (Ret)

During the years of the Obama administration, Susan Rice, Hilary Clinton, and then-Vice President Biden chose to mirror the Chinese Communist Party-inspired global reset plan titled “New Model of Power Relations.” This geostrategic plan promoted a new, highly polarized world divided into three spheres of influence controlled by China, Europe, and America. [1]

Under the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) plan, America would have to cede Asia to China and, by default, the CCP’s communist shackles. Furthermore, either the European Union or Russia would dominate the nations of Europe, but, unfortunately, in the process, Europe would see a return to the neo-Fascist structures of old. The U.S., for its part, would retreat within its borders. [2, 3]

“A Managed Decline” is how politicians like Rep. Paul Ryan described what President Obama’s administration worked to actualize in 2014. [4]

Fast forward to today. The Russo-Ukrainian War looks to be a proxy conflict designed to move the chessboard of nations into the same geostrategic configuration proposed by the Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi in a speech he gave at the Brookings Institution in September 2012. [5]

President Obama’s administration, evidently untroubled by the reality and implications of China’s growing power, actively embraced China’s vision for a “New Power Relationship.” Accordingly, when Susan Rice gave her speech at Georgetown University, she neither articulated a U.S. counter-vision nor spoke of America’s interest in promoting liberal democratic/humanitarian values. Instead, she discussed how the U.S. could “actualize the New Power Relationship” with China. [6]

On October 16, 2015, I wrote an article for the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement. (NEC-SE), “The New Model of Power Relations and the Middle East Crisis,” in which I laid out warning signs of the devastation the CCP-led geostrategic plan would cause with a new global reset. [7]

President Trump may have interrupted the progress of the proposed CCP vision of the future. Nevertheless, it went forward again under the new Biden administration, with President Biden’s West Exec members determined to actualize this train wreck of a foreign policy demise of America front and center. [8, 9, 10]

Iran, a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) led by China, is promoting a new Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) with the West Exec members running the Biden administration, who rely on Russian negotiators to represent America’s interests in the negotiations. In Europe, the neo-fascist blocs are funding the resettlement of significant numbers of immigrants who hate Jews and Israel in major cities such as Paris, Berlin, and London, among others. Here at home, there has been a marked increase in anti-Semitic and anti-Israel rhetoric funded by fascist ideologues that are unfortunately unchallenged by a large segment of the Jewish community living in the United States or human rights watchdog groups. Soft anti-Semitism is increasingly giving way to a genuine open hatred for Israel and the Jewish people with support for a nuclear-capable Iran that has vowed to obliterate the Jewish state. [11, 12, 13, 14, 15]

In an 18 MAR 22 interview on Real American Voice’s Common Sense with Anna Perez, I laid out the case that no one is seeking peace in Ukraine and the region in general. As I stated: “but unfortunately, we are where we are today because no one wants to see peace in the region as long as the Ukrainians are bleeding — as long as it is going to make them [nations involved in the conflict] a profit in the future.” I also addressed the reality that the United States is essentially in the way of Ukraine and Russia ending this War. As stated by the host, “it seems that the united states wants this conflict to kind of continue to ensue.” I responded, “Unfortunately, I think the Ukrainians have figured that out.” [16]

On 30 MAR 22, retired General Jack Keane, a Fox News contributor and chairman of the Institute for the Study of War, observed that the Biden Administration does not want Putin to lose. He said Ukraine has a chance to win the War, but the U.S. has “no strategy” to help the country win. “I don’t like saying this,” he continued. “But the facts are we don’t want Putin to lose. We don’t want Putin to lose because we’re afraid that if he loses, there’ll be a provocative reaction on his part. So, it explains why we’re not all-in on helping Zelensky win, who is begging for all of that help.” [17]

On 1 APR 22, in a FOX interview on Special Report, Zelenskyy expressed hope that the U.S. and Europe are not playing games, especially when it comes to delivering the weapons that will allow his military forces to turn the tide against Russian forces. [18, 19]

Unfortunately for Zelenskyy, General Keane’s assessment of the tactical, operational, and strategic issues and topics is on point. An outright geostrategic win for Ukraine does not fit into the CCP-proposed and U.S.-supported “New Model of Power Relations.”

The reality is that under this CCP-proposed and U.S.-supported plan, Ukraine and Syria both have one thing in common: they have become the kill box where these geostrategic fights are addressed. Zelenskyy had a hard time managing the peace with the three nuclear nations fighting over the economic resources of his homeland and now has little-to-no leverage on either of the three when it comes to finding a quick means by which to bring what is a proxy war to an end. [20]

On 2 APR 22, in an interview on Cavuto Live of Fox Network, the Polish ambassador to the U.S., Marek Magierowski, stated that “in my [view], he [Putin] has been misled by his closest aides, his generals, his commanders who have been so optimistic about the war in Ukraine.” At the same time, the ambassador stated that “we have to be determined to wage a long war, and that’s why I have been saying repeatedly that we have to uphold the sanctions for many years to come.” When asked about the conditions to remove the sanctions, the ambassador stated: “Russia has to withdraw all its troops from Ukraine proper and from all those territories that were annexed and occupied in 2014… then we can start thinking about lifting sanctions imposed on Russia.” [21, 22]

Even if Zelensky wanted to find a means to get to the peace tables in this War, given how Poland, an EU nation, sees a final settlement, this seems a bridge too far. For now, it is impossible to achieve peace given that the EU and/or Russia seem to be content fighting the long War.

But will Putin even be allowed to fight a protracted war? [23]

In an April 19 interview on the Neil Cavuto show, retired Lt. General Keith Kellogg notes that the current third phase of operations is the do-or-die existential moment for Putin. If he loses, then Putin and Russia, by extension, will no longer be a world power.   If operations are not wrapped up by May 9, the anniversary of Victory in Europe (VE-day), a very symbolic anniversary for Russia, then essentially, Zelenskyy has won against the entirety of the Russian Army that has been thrown at the Ukrainian nation. [24]

Unfortunately, for Zelenskyy, who is hoping to win a geostrategic victory in his own country, the same western nations supplying weapons to Ukraine and taking in its refugees are taking the pressure off Putin by blaming his generals for the direction of the War. Moreover, as the same EU nations sanction Russia and try to decouple from its oil and natural gas providers, they turn to Russian-aligned actors in the Middle East for new liquid gas (LG) and oil shipments to meet their energy needs. [25, 26, 27, 28]

As Ukraine bleeds because of these actions, we all wait to see who will dominate the countries of Europe in the CCP-proposed and U.S.-supported “New Model of Power Relations.” [29]

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