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Nina May

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  • January 6th. The real story. “I was there … and I was filming”

  • Emancipation Revelation Revolution

  • Critical Race Theory

  • Democrat Racism

Nina May

Writer, Producer, Director Renaissance Womens Productions

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Nina May is the Founder and Chairman of the Renaissance Women which is an educational non-profit foundation with international and production training programs and opportunities for internships on media projects.

She is the creator, writer, and director of the dramatic TV series, Daily Bread which airs on a variety of platforms including Amazon Prime, Tubi, Hulu, Roku, etc.  It is a faith-based, post-apocalyptic dramatic series where a solar flare knocks out electricity around the world.

Nina wrote, produced and directed the romantic comedy,  First Lady, which stars Corbin Bernsen, Nancy Stafford, Stacy Dash and is billed as a modern fairytale which was also featured at the Cannes Film Festival in 2022.

Nina was the writer, producer, director of the award winning family friendly dramedy, “Life Fine Tuned,” which won the International Family Film Festival in Hollywood, 2012 and over 14 other awards. 

She was an Associate Producer of “Beyond the Mask,” and wrote and produced “Marked” and “Sweet Victory,” “Blondie”, “Elevator Pitch”, and “Re-Naissance” for the 168 Film Festivals, receiving several nominations and winning Best Actor for Tony Lo Bianco and best actress, Holly Vagley.

Nina produced, directed, wrote and edited the award-winning documentary Emancipation Revelation Revolution, about the history of the civil rights movement in America, and the role that both political parties played in it. It won the Noir Film Festival in San Diego and was featured at the Liberty Film Festival in Hollywood. She also produced and directed the sequel, “Reparations: Who Should Pay?

Nina produced and hosted “An American Renaissance” T.V. show and wrote and produced daily radio commentaries available on 1800 stations nationwide. She created and produced “Horsing Around in Virginia” TV show, “Renaissance Discoveries” TV show and was a producer with Virginia Living TV.

As Chairman of the Renaissance Foundation, Nina has testified on a number of occasions before the United Nations General Assembly and before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on a variety of issues and has worked with several countries, establishing exchange programs for students and leaders.

From 1980 through 1995, Nina was president of Nina May Design / Publications, specializing in congressional publications for over 150 congressional offices. Nina was also the publisher/editor of Paradigm 2000 magazine, and Renaissance Magazine.

Nina serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations including the Recreation Wish List Committee, in Washington DC, that built the Southeast Tennis and Learning Center. She serves on the Board of Castleton Festival, which produces quality classical concerts and operas featuring hand selected music students from around the world to participate in.

Nina is an artist, writer, producer and holds a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do and in her spare time works on construction projects. She designed and served as the general contractor of a 14,000 square foot ICF home that was designed to be totally energy efficient. 

When not making movies, she loves working on her Bobcat, creating and building and reminding women that they should see themselves as leaders not followers, winners not whiners and victors not victims. She is a Renaissance Woman!



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Could 2021 get any worse!?!

Yes, yes it could… How? Oh, I know, what if we got hit by a giant solar flare? #Daily Bread Series

Nina May’s production:

Daily Bread by Producer Nina May
Daily Bread Series

“Seven millennial women, armed with cookbooks and guns, after the world is darkened by a solar flare,  choose to not just survive, but thrive as they work to rebuild civilization.”

After a solar flare strands 7 millennial women on a farm while shooting a cooking show, they decide to thrive as they work to rebuild civilization, not just survive like others around them. This faith based, post apocalyptic drama shows a generation, that is tethered to their devices, who are now forced to accept a new reality they have never experienced. Armed with nothing but cookbooks and guns, they must learn to work together, do what it takes to survive but agree that that is not enough.

The Sun is woke…. watch all 12 episodes
Writer/Director Nina May being interviewed on 103.1 WJMA’s show Local Issues, Real People

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The flare reportedly caused a small radio blackout and could be a sign the sun is entering the stronger phase of its yearly cycle


Republicans, Emancipation, Reparations
 3 Minute Teaser

ERR - By Producer Nina
Emancipation Revelation Revolution

Award-winning documentary about the history of the civil rights movement in America.

What happens to black Americans who choose to leave the liberal plantation on the underground railroad of self-determination and true empowerment? They are no longer judged by the color of their skin… but by the content of their character…

And the judgement is harsh.

As the nation is now divided — not along racial lines — but along issues of morality and values, racial discrimination has been replaced by philosophical discrimination. Martin Luther King’s dream has been realized — but not the way he imagined.Blacks in America are being judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, but the judgment is harsh if they embrace conservative philosophies.

This Special 2nd Edition of “Emancipation, Revelation, Revolution” plus bonus 24 minute sequel “Reparations: Who Should Pay?” that examines the history of slavery and racial discrimination in the United States.




Nina May says …

Innocent, law abiding Americans are being treated like criminals … No … ‘Domestic Terrorists’.

This is such an important issue that is being swept under the rug and censored because they know they have gone off the reservation as far as how these innocent people are being treated.

It is great, but frightening when you see all the back stories of just regular Americans who have been treated like domestic terrorists, complete with doors being busted down by the FBI and in one case, one young girl, maybe 10, being handcuffed.

The message is that if you dare speak out against their tyranny, they will throw you in jail, and throw away the key.

People have been in jail for almost a year, in solitary confinement, no bail, and no trial date in site for most of them. They are being abused and tortured. One has lost sight in one eye after a horrible beating for leading a Bible study for his fellow inmates. Some have asked to be transferred to Gitmo, believing they will get better treatment … like actual terrorists get.

Points to consider …

1. At least four permits were issued to groups that day allowing them to protest at the Capitol. The Mayor of DC even posted suggested roads to take or avoid, on their website.

2. The timeline doesn’t work … Trump was still speaking when the violence was supposed to have happened and even if people were incited by his speech … it is a 50 minute walk from the White House to the Capitol … long after they claim the violence started.

3. Where they show bike racks being used to keep the crowd back is where we were standing. We didn’t see any Cap. Hill police and no bike racks. Their footage shows the inaugural stands half built with just a few pieces of the white plastic. It was totally built out when we were there.

4. I was there until almost four and the entire time did not hear one siren. The streets next to the Capitol were empty. I shot film in the middle of the intersection showing nothing in a 360 circle. My footage behind the Capitol shows Cap. Hill police peacefully hanging with protestors who were peacefully chanting USA and singing God Bless America. What was being show on TV as “Live” was not happening. (All digital footage has time stamps.)

5. All the doors into the Capitol were open and several had no guards checking bags or sending people through metal detectors like they always have. Some people reported that they were buzzed in with no guards on the other side of the door. There is enough footage of peaceful groups walking calmly through the rotunda with guards greeting them and even pointing out features inside the Capitol to look at.

6 We saw 10 “paramilitary” ANTIFA looking people go over the short wall we were standing by after someone told them it was time to move. They moved through the crowd quickly as though they knew exactly which door to go in … there was no resistance.

7. There were police (maybe DC) firing flash bangs on a docile, peaceful crowd, as though inciting them, but they didn’t budge.

8. Why are none of the FBI plants being held accountable for the violence they caused yet innocent people who never even went into the Capitol are being held without a trial in sight?

Solutions? Let’s talk.

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