December 19, 2022

Reparations: Who Should Pay? Spoiler alert … the Democrat Party

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Reparations: Who Should Pay? Spoiler alert … the Democrat Party

It’s probably too late to convince white Democrats that they belong to the party of slavery and Jim Crow, but what about black Democrats?

A man, who shot an innocent woman, was arrested while yelling he was owed reparations. That’s a bit of a disconnect since if anyone should be “repaired” it would be the woman he shot, point blank, in cold blood. and all the people in her life who are now devastated by their lose.

This man, clearly believing the distorted history of the left and their CRT, 1619 Project and other revisionist myths that have been so twisted, it is no wonder people are feeling empowered and justified in setting old wrongs, right.

There should definitely be a discussion on the issue of Reparations, in fact, we produced a short doc about 15 years ago called, “Reparations: Who Should Pay?” We have been pushing for a congressional hearing on the topic and hope there are at least a handful of honest historians who could set the record straight and point with absolute accuracy to the political party that should have the bill tacked to their party’s door. Spoiler alert … it’s the Democrat party.

Someone needs to educate Gov. Gavin Newsome about the evils his party has plagued the country with for centuries before he starts handing out other people’s money.

Just a real quick spin through history will reveal that the Democrat party divided the nation over the issue of slavery when they chose to ignore the Missouri Compromise and replaced the agreement not to extend slavery past its borders with what was referred to as the Kansas/Nebraska act. This was such a poke in the eye to the abolitionists who literally fought the slave owning Democrats, that they started their own abolitionist party in 1954, called the Republican Party.

The Democrat Senator from Illinois, who pushed the hardest for the Kansas/ Nebraska Act, because he had economic interests in its passing, was Sen. Stephen Douglas. He is the Democrat who famously ran for president against Abe Lincoln and lost. He and two other candidates combined electoral college votes were less than Lincoln who received 180.

Lincoln was the first Republican President, elected only 6 years after the founding of the abolitionist party. Six of the nine planks were about emancipation, equal rights, voting rights, civil rights, etc. etc.

The southern Democrats were having none of this and immediately moved to divide the nation in war as several states left the Union over the issue of states having the right to oppress and enslave their citizens. Yes, the same Democrat party now screaming for reparations, is the same party that left the union to keep slavery alive. They unanimously opposed the 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments and founded the terrorist arm of their party … the KKK.

The Democrats were successful in assassinating the one man who reunited the Union after a very bloody and divisive war where they declared themselves a separate nation. They had their own president, money, flag, constitution, Capitol, etc. They kept the slaves on the plantation during the war until they were liberated by Lincoln with the Emancipation Proclamation.

185,000 newly freed slaves would then join the Union army to legally shoot at their old, white supremacists, racist oppressors. Payback is a bitch.

So … with that tiny thimble of historical background on the discussion of reparations, do the math, the science, the history, and you tell me what group of people should be responsible to pay reparations. Not that there are any blacks living today who actually were slaves, while there are millions who have come to the United States to an opportunity at a free life but have no heritage of slavery in this country. Barack Obama comes to mind, being a first generation American with an African father.

Now, their ancestors might have been from African countries where they were bought and sold by members of other African countries. Maybe the reparation advocates can get some money from the African countries that participated in the slave trade. What about all the white abolitionists who gave their lives to oppose the Democrats strangle-hold on slaves. They gave their lives fighting for the freedom of people they didn’t even know. They belonged to the Republican Party that produced the great emancipator, Abraham Lincoln. They worked on the Underground Railroad to move freed slaves through slave holding states that were kidnapping and enslaving them again. Should they have to pay for the evil that the white Democrats unleashed on the country?

So, let’s have that discussion on reparations after we look at how racist, oppressive, elitist, and dishonest the Democrat party still is. They talk now about wanting voting rights passed and anyone who opposes them or supports the traditional Filibuster is a racist. We have already determined and proven that the Democrat party chose to divide a nation in war rather than see blacks as their fellow human beings and citizens, with the same constitutional rights.

They go on and on about the 1965 Voting Rights Act while ignoring the fact that the 15th Amendment, passed 100 years earlier, guaranteed the right to vote to all citizens, no matter what their color or previous condition of servitude. They point proudly to that photo of Democrat President Lyndon Johnson signing the Voting Rights Act after he quietly says blacks will now be on their plantation for generations.

They ignore one tiny detail … it was the Republicans who pushed for passage of the bill after two full days of filibuster led by … the Democrats …. Including Al Gore’s father and Bill Clinton’s mentor, Senator William Fulbright who he delivered a eulogy for in 1995. Did the University of Arkansas finally remove his statue like they are doing of every other Democrat segregationist?

It is so cute to see the Democrats rail against THEIR confederate battle flag, and statues of THEIR southern racists who divided a nation over the issue of slavery and worked twice as hard to segregate the country at the end of the war. Those are their generals and leaders which suggests all the black history being taught is not really history at all. Otherwise, they would not be tearing down statues of Abraham Lincoln, the great liberator, father of the emancipation of the slaves … but they are. The left is clueless about the history of their party, the Democrats, and their abysmal record on race relations.

For Biden to actually mention Jim Crow with a straight face is shocking since that was a project of the Democrat party to keep newly freed slaves from voting. They could tell a black Republican a mile away because all blacks … even illiterate slaves who were punished for trying to learn to read, understood and knew the good guys from the bad guys.  It’s not like little league today where they don’t keep score. No, these liberated slaves had a vested interest in knowing who saved them and who wanted to keep them in chains, as Joe Biden has referenced in the past. “They want to put ya’ll back in chains.” Joe … that was YOUR party that supported slavery and keeping their fellow human beings in chains. The Republican Party was founded to destroy the demonic forces of slavery that your party … the Democrat party embraced and fought to defend.

In Biden’s recent speech about demanding that all senators abandon their oath of office, ignore their constituents, and bow at the altar of the Federal leviathan, he gets his history a little mixed up. All those anti-voting rights, anti-integration, and pro-segregation leaders he mentioned … were all Democrats. He and his party are on the side of Jefferson Davis … the president of THEIR confederacy that split with the rest of the nation over the issue of slavery. Bull Connor, George Wallace, Orvil Faubus and every other southern state Governor were ALL Democrats. And they chose to shut public schools rather than integrate them.

The Republicans have historically been on the side of integration, equal rights, civil rights, voting rights, human rights, up to and including Trump increasing government funding for HBCU. On Dec 19, 2019, he signed a bipartisan bill that would permanently provide more than $250 million a year to the nation’s black colleges and universities. Of course, the Biden Administration stripped it from their budget because they know they don’t need to court the black vote. I wonder if Joy Reid reported on that. Hmmmm.

As Biden announced, “You ain’t black if you don’t vote for me.” That salvo alone should have been a wakeup call to black voters that their plantation was designed by the left, by the socialist Marxists, to keep them in line, fed lies about their history and intimidated them into denouncing the party of Lincoln, the party of their ancestor’s liberation.

The Democrats are desperate to hang on to the shriveling, unraveling power they have successfully amassed for themselves. They know the only way to guarantee victory is to pattern the elections after all the dictatorships in the world where the centralized government controls all the levers of power. The voting rights bill that they propose puts all the cards not only in the hands of the Federal gov., but one political party.

They will allow non-citizens to vote, same day voting and registration, mail in ballots without proof of address or photo IDs. The fines will be steep and heavy for anyone that questions the government selected poll watchers. If you arrive and say you want to vote but your vote has already been cast, you could be arrested for contesting that fact.

Like I said … nothing has changed in two hundred years. The party of oppression, slavery, Dred Scott, Missouri Compromise, Kansas/Nebraska, KKK, Jim Crow, segregation, closing public schools instead of integrating them, withdrawing funds for HBCU and calling all conservative blacks racist, vile names because they dare leave the liberal plantation … that party … the Democrat party is still doing exactly what they have always done.

They think putting lipstick on a pig makes it something else. It is still government overreach, intimidation, lying, fabricating, equivocating, and revising a rich history of civil rights that unfortunately the Republican Party is clueless about.

The answer to this deception and revising of history is for blacks to learn the truth about the history of their ancestors, put the blame for a racist, divided nation on the Democrat party and move to hand them with the total bill for Reparations. Yes … if reparations are owed to anyone in this country, it should be the Democrats who pay it, and marginalized blacks who receive it.

Families of Union soldiers who died to end slavery and fought the racist southern Democrats including all their sullied statues …. Should receive reparations. But not from the government because it was the US government that won that war and liberated the slaves. The money should come from every white Democrat alive today because they are perpetuating that same spirit of oppression and dehumanization.

I ask every elected official in America: How do you want to be remembered? As the history of the slavery/Jim Crow party is being revealed you will have to answer for propping up a system that destroys self-determination, marginalizes people you disagree with, silences the opposing voice and censors all condemnation of hypocrisy and double speak. Yeah, pretty much like your fellow Democrats have done for years.

It’s probably too late to convince white Democrats that they belong to the party of slavery and Jim Crow, but what about black Democrats? To stay in a party that openly brags about the political custody of liberal blacks while castigating those conservative blacks that chose to leave the liberal plantation is a head scratcher.

Why would any black stay in the Democrat party? That’s like an abused wife staying with her abusive husband. You must believe it’s because she is afraid to leave. She has seen what has happened to others who left. She decides to keep her head down and not draw attention to herself like those uppity blacks like Candace Owens, Ben Carson, Winsome Sears, Burgess Owens, Tim Scott … etc.

Does Biden want to be identified with pretty much every member of his own party that were segregationists, and self-proclaimed white supremacists like Democrat Mississippi Senator and Governor Theodore Bilbo? He gave his life ensuring that the races stayed separated through segregation. He was pretty committed to that idea, just like his whole party was and even wrote a book called, Take Your Choice: Separation or Mongrelization. Let’s see KJP explain that away as we all wonder what Brandon’s choice would be.

The list is unending of the distinctions between the pro-integration, pro-equality Republicans and the white supremacist, racist, segregationist Democrats. No wonder they had to come up with the revisionist CRT and a complete book of political mythology called the 1619 Project. Democrats are so embarrassed by the truth of the history of their party they had no choice but change it. They have been lying to generations of people who were seduced into the very party that lynched them, turned firehoses on them, unleashed the dogs on them, forced poll taxes and other Jim Crow creations on them and today, are still talking about their Jim Crow.

The big question to ponder is why is the black community so committed to supporting, defending, embracing, and building up the very party that enslaved their ancestors and fought a war to keep them enslaved? They show uncompromised fealty to a party that unanimously opposed the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, founded the KKK, institution Jim Crow laws and did everything in its power to keep the country segregated by race. And after losing a war to the abolitionists, that gave equal rights, civil rights and voting rights to the blacks, they claim they are the party that has always been supporter of civil rights when the exact opposite is true.

So, if there is ever a discussion of reparations in the house and senate, it will be very easy for the Republican Party to present their case, separate themselves from the slavery/oppressive party, prove they fought and won a war to end slavery and have always supported equality, civil rights and opposed all moves to disenfranchise a segment of society.

The Democrats on the other hand will be hard pressed to show one example in history where they supported equality and civil rights for black Americans. It wasn’t until 1965 that a black Democrat was elected to congress while 100 years before that, the first 23 black congressmen … right out of slavery were elected … from the Republican Party.

The cases of the distinctions between the parties are too numerous to even count but they should be easy to recall in a hearing on the issue. Let’s have that discussion. Let’s have the history lesson for the country, for the world to see and let’s set to rest, once and for all, that the abolitionist, civil rights, voting rights party … the Republican Party … is NOT the party of segregation and Jim Crow. That is Joe Biden and Gavin Newsome’s party …

Be armed with the facts on the history of the civil rights movement in America and the role that both parties played in it by going to There are several shorts ranging from “Reparations: Who Should Pay?”, to “Do These Black Lives Matter?” There is even a clip of V.P.  Joe Biden giving the eulogy of a leader of the KKK and fellow Democrat, Senator Robert Byrd.

To get more details on the issue of Reparations and which political party should be handed the bill … by the entire country, go to and download the link of “Reparations: Who Should Pay?”  You can also find the original 90 minute ERR doc on the whole issue of the revised history of slavery and emancipation in the US … it is called “Emancipation Revelation Revolution.”

If the Republican Party, and its members, do not arm themselves with the truth, they will be steam-rolled by what the left is planning to do with this issue. The historic truth and the will to use it is the only weapon you need. Be prepared!!


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